Dining update 2021 — Seattle edition

I had some great food in Seattle, and some not as great.

  • Sharp’s Roasthouse — Multiple dinners here did not disappoint. Smoked meats and microbrews on tap are their specialty, but I’ve also had excellent entree salads. A short walk/drive from the Hilton.
  • Spencer’s — It’s conveniently located in the Hilton and the servers are friendly despite being overworked. Order accuracy is hit and miss. The food is edible but disappointing. Beverages are good but about double their usual price elsewhere.
  • Anthony’s Homeport — Great seafood & drinks right on Puget Sound with a view of the sunset over the Olympics. About a 15 minute drive from the Hilton.
  • Chontong — Susie kept us entertained and plied us with excellent Thai food and beverages. 5-6 minute drive from the Hilton
  • Taqueria Jaracandas — It’s not ABC without taco salad, and the steak bites on theirs are very tasty with crispy caramelization. Wish I could take their salsa home with me. About a 6 minute drive from the Hilton.
  • Din Tai Fung — Try the spicy chicken wontons. I had them at the kiosk at T-Mobile Park, but they also have a location at the Southcenter Mall, a 7-9 minute drive from the Hilton.
  • L & L Hawaiian BBQ — Satisfying meal hot or cold from the hotel room fridge. A short walk from the Hilton.
  • Spice Bridge — My favorite find was a couple of miles north on International Boulevard. Billed as a global food hall, it’s an innovative restaurant incubator for immigrant women entrepreneurs. I had delicious Congolese, Cambodian, and Filipino meals that were all caringly made by a diverse group of stall owners. I liked it so much I even ordered delivery during WIBC.
  • Nhop Nhep — Directly across the airport in Burien, located in a mall near one of the local laundromats that I was scouting out. Delicious Vietnamese cuisine with takeout and delivery options available. The restaurant was impressively spotless even though I arrived near the end of the day and they were very busy.

ABC 2021 was in the same neighborhood as WIBC, so I already knew some of the food options in the area.

Local options

  • Sharp’s Roasthouse — I love this place. House smoked meats and poultry, fresh cornbread, huge salads, potato-free clam chowder, and an extensive tap list. I’ve made a meal from the happy hour menu before.
  • Masae’s Teriyaki — Quick and filling teriyaki. It’s south of the Doubletree by a couple of blocks.
  • Copperleaf Restaurant at Cedarbrook Lodge — Fine dining and a cocktail lounge. My only meal there was a flight of antelope prepared three ways and it was excellent.
  • Mango Thai Cuisine & Bar — I’ve eaten here once and the food was very good. Sit-down dining and cocktail bar.


  • Taco Bell — Service has been pretty fast when I’ve gone there, especially when I pre-order on the app and click that I’m here when I’m approaching the parking lot.
  • Denny’s (two locations) — It’s Denny’s. I haven’t eaten at either of these locations.
  • L & L Hawaiian Barbecue — Fast food Hawaiian style.
  • Subway — Disclaimer: I hate Subway, so I’ve never set foot in this one and don’t plan to.
  • Several chain hotels in the neighborhood with in-house restaurants.

Delivery services

  • GrubHub
  • DoorDash
  • UberEats
  • PostMates (limited options)
  • Instacart

Other neighborhoods

  • Southcenter Mall area has 49 “food & drink” businesses and a wide variety of cuisines

Local guides

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