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Oregon is a wine lover’s paradise. The Willamette Valley wineries may grab most of the headlines, but southern Oregon’s where it all began. Tasting rooms abound throughout the Rogue and Applegate Valleys, so enophiles can always find one nearby. ABCers, feel free to share your experiences or recommendations in the comments.

Ashland Chamber directory

Rogue Valley Wine Country

Southern Oregon Winery Association

In Ashland:

  • EdenVale — I visited EdenVale Enoteca on the plaza in March 2017. They feature pear cider from local orchards in addition to wines.
  • Dana Campbell — This was my winery of choice for the 2017 ABC Grub Crawl, where we enjoyed the picturesque view of Ashland from their patio until rains forced us indoors (where the view is equally lovely).
  • Belle Fiore — This estate features Italianate architecture with multiple tasting rooms and live music most evenings. I stopped here in July 2017.
  • Weisinger — Ashland’s original winery is two miles past Omar’s on Siskiyou Blvd. The ABC staff went tasting here about 10 years ago and I revisited during spring break 2019.
  • Irvine & Roberts — One of Ashland’s newest wineries is a couple of miles from Ashland Hills Inn. The tasting room and outdoor terrace have a view of Belle Fiore’s tasting room and chateau. I went tasting while waiting for the other ABC staffers to get to town in 2018.
  • Ashland Vineyards & Winery
  • Grizzly Peak — Accessed off of N Mountain Ave, Grizzly Peak has an intimate tasting room and a small event center that hosts live music (see website for schedule). I went tasting here during spring break 2019.
  • Eliana — A boutique winery with an outdoor tasting terrace hosted by the owners. Located near Grizzly Peak and Dana Campbell, I tasted here during spring break 2019 and enjoyed their hospitality and a spectacular view of a rain storm approaching across the valley. Parking is roadside only (no lot).
  • Platt Anderson — An urban winery located in the Ashland Art Center downtown, which we visited on the 2018 ABC Grub Crawl.
  • Long Walk — Ashland’s newest tasting house, located a mile north of I-5 exit 19 on the Valley View Orchard (which also features a farm store with fresh seasonal produce).

Near Ashland:

  • Ledger-David Cellars — The tasting room on the Artisans’ Corridor in Central Point,  and the adjacent Rogue Valley Creamery and Lillie Belle Chocolates, were on my 2016 ABC Grub Crawl.
  • Paschal — The ABC staff celebrated Matthew Arau’s birthday on the balcony of this Talent tasting room, where we enjoyed wine and cheese with a view across the Rogue Valley.
  • Troon — On the advice of Steve and Carolyn Accatino, I went tasting with Dixie Detgen in 2010 at this Applegate Valley winery which emphasizes sustainability and Mediterranean inspired wines.
  • Trium — If you go eat at Awna’s restaurant in Talent, Sweet Beet Station, stop in for a tasting or a glass at the winery down the block.
  • Simple Machine — Along Highway 99 in Talent.
  • Kriselle
  • RoxyAnn
  • South Stage
  • Dancin
  • Jaxon
  • StoneRiver
  • Pebblestone
  • 2Hawk
  • Rellik
  • Daisy Creek

Remember, Oregon wines fly free on Alaska Air, +free tastings at participating wineries w/inbound Alaska boarding pass and proof of mile plan.

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