Dining Update 2019

If you’re a regular viewer of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, you’ve already seen episodes over the last few months featuring Sammich, Blue Toba, and Agave, a few of my favorite Ashand eateries.



  • Anya’s Thai Bistro
  • Caldera Taphouse
  • Ex Nihilo/O’Shea’s Irish Pub
  • Granite Taphouse
  • Playwright Public House
  • Star Sushi
  • Tot

Other changes:

  • DoorDash delivery is now available in Ashland. Need a meal delivered to your study session? Now you have a wide selection at your fingertips.
  • Mihama changed ownership last summer.
  • Gluten-Free Paradise will close June 30
  • Plancha is up for sale.
  • An abundance of sustainable take-out packaging, including compostable paper and straw drinking straws.

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Graduate of the American Band College. Freelance educational support services including social media and photography. Other interests include food, genealogy, and musical theatre.

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